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Handover Process

What is a cleaning handover guarantee?
We deliver first class cleaning services for your apartment, office or event. You handover us the assignment and we take care of the rest. Our multilingual personal is at your service until you handover the keys to your agency or landlord.

What are your handover services?
We do regular domestic cleaning, move-out or relocation cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning and clean-up after an event with a handover guarantee. We also clean windows, carpets and floors.

What is included in the cleaning handover guarantee?
Swiss standard cleaning according to the exit list from your agency or landlord. This includes the cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, windows and shutters, floors, doors etc.
Terrace and balcony cleaning is also included in the handover guarantee (unless your balcony/terrace requires a jet-wash/power-wash which will be quoted separately).

What is NOT included in the cleaning handover guarantee?
Painting, repairs, certified chimney cleaning, special floor treatments (sealing, oiling or coating) and gardening. We will help you remove scratches on the floor or on surfaces but we don’t provide a guarantee for this. We will fill small holes in the walls but if these holes are large, then you will need to fill them yourself or have a painter do it.

Do you „handover clean“ furnished apartments, too?
Quoted price is only valid for an unfurnished apartment, if your apartment is furnished, please mention this in your inquiry.

How do you calculate the price?
We quote the price by the extent of your place (how many windows, bathrooms, etc.). Our policy is to not define prices on the basis of hourly work!

How do I make an inquiry?
Contact us via online form. You can also email, phone, fax or post mail us. Please mention the cleaning of cellar, attic, garage, and private laundry room in your inquiry, specifically.

What if I spot some disregarded spots in my assigned place?
Any re-cleaning will be completed without extra charge. We will be present with you at the key handover and stay with you until the cleaning is satisfactory.

I am aware of recent damages, do I need to inform you about it?
If you are aware of damages that occured during your stay or move, please let us know before cleaning begins to avoid inconvenience. Many damages are covered by your liability insurance and you will need to contact your insurance company to make a claim. We can guide you specifically if we know potential damages beforehand.

Why should go for an apartment handover cleaning?
An apartment cleaning process is a lot of work and can be very challenging if you do not have time, the necessary tools or a good experience to use it.

In Switzerland, properties must be handed over in a spotlessly clean condition.The time and effort required for cleaning a property, the kitchen and bathroom in particular, is often underestimated. Ovens and hobs must be meticulously clean, the filter in the extraction system replaced and kitchen and bathroom taps descaled.

Windows must be cleaned on the inside and outside. Doors, door frames, floors and cupboards also need to be washed clean. Holes in the walls (e.g. from drilling) must be filled in.

You don't need to struggle with all this yourself, you can arrange to have the property cleaned by the professional team of Special Clean.

How sure is it I will get my rental deposit back by choosing Special Clean?
So far all our clients got their entire deposits back who chose us for the whole handover process. Pre-existing damages are not included in our handover warranty. But cleaning concerns will be handled with precious care. Make sure you get yours too, by informing us about damages and holes at your place in advance.

What is a rental deposit?
As a tenant, you are usually obliged to pay a rental deposit in an amount ranging from one month’s rent to a maximum of three months’ rent. This deposit serves as security for the landlord in the event of any claims which may arise from the rental contract. The landlord will open a blocked account in your name at a bank of his/her choice for this deposit. Once your tenancy has expired and all rent and additional costs, as well as any damages, have been paid, the landlord must pay back your deposit (including interest).

What is an inspection and defects listing?
When a property is handed over, an inventory and inspection report is usually drawn up which describes the property’s present condition. This contains a written record of any pre-existing defects for which you cannot be held liable when you move out.

If you only become aware of defects after the start of your tenancy, you can also report these to the landlord in writing by registered letter. Defects found after your tenancy starts usually have to be reported within the first 10 to 30 days of the tenancy period.

How do I get it?
You must report your new address to various authorities.

My address has changed, what now?
You must report your new address to various authorities.

You have to deregister from the municipality at your old place of residence or , in the city of Zurich at the District Office. Meanwhile you have to register at your new place of residence. The documents required for registration and deregistration vary depending on the municipality or city administration and canton in charge. Please note that you usually have to register within 14 days of moving to a new place of residence. You can either do it personally or usually you can do it online, too.

Redirecting your post. You can arrange for your post to be redirected to your new place of residence. Post.ch charges a small fee for this service.


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